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Hairy and Raw video – Blindfold fuck

Welcome to our juicy website! We know that you enjoy all these hot studs and the other hairy guys that come over to our website so we though we might show you some more content! In this following video you will have the chance to watch these two bears in action! They are Runner and Rex and they really enjoy trying new stuff, that is why one of them is gonna be tied up and with his eyes cover during this sexual intercourse! Are you willing to take a peek at what followed? Let’s see what happened in that bedroom!

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In this crazy scene you will see a guy tied up to the bed and with his eyes covered, while this other guy comes in and takes out his clothes, he starts to kiss him and soon after he takes that cock into his mouth and starts to suck it! After that he goes on top and gives to the tied up guy his dick to suck it! Soon after that he goes on top of this tied up’s cock while he is jerking off! They change position as he starts to lick this guy’s ass hole then he slides his large cock in and out and then he bangs this guy in the doggy style position! In the end he cums all over his butt! Did you enjoy this hot scene? Have a look around and you might find some more amazing stuff! Also you can visit the site and see some horny European guys getting ass fucked!

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Dakotah Porter and Dusty Daniels

Welcome once again fellas! Did you enjoyed the previous video? Well, it means that you will love this one! In the following scene you will have the chance of watching Dakotah and Dusty in action! It seems like today these two fellas are hornier than never! These two had a very rough week and they thought it was about time they chill up a little bit so they took advantage of their time off and started a very deep and intense fucking session! Are you eager to see these two bears fucking each other like crazy?

It’s been a while since these two guys had time for themselves and after all that hard work the weekend was here so it was time for some relaxing time! As soon as they have got the chance they headed to the bedroom where they started to finger their asses while they were jerking off! Soon after they pounded their anus holes an in the end they came on each other’s tight butt! Did you enjoy this amazing update? Have a look around and you might find more hot content! If you can;t wait until the next post, join the next door male site and see some gorgeous men stroking their monster cocks!

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Troy Collins and Canadad

Hi there guys! Did you missed Troy and Canadad? Well, they are just back and they thought that you might enjoy watching their oral sex marathon! They are gonna suck each other for hours, up until they are not gonna feel their lips and only after that they will start to bang their asses! Can you imagine how is it to feel all that pleasure? Just being sucked and slurped and also deep throated for hours? Let’s see how these two are gonna handle each other!

It was the first day of May when these two fellas met again and they decided to do something new and spectacular for them! So they agreed to gave each other a blowjob that they were not going to forget! The bald guy started first and as soon as he took that large cock into his mouth he started very slowly as it was just the prelude! He licked it up, played with his balls and then came the rough part, the gay daddy began to suck it pretty hard and handjob it also until this other guy came! Just watch this entire scene! It’s definitely worth it! If you wanna see some gorgeous hunks getting their buttholes stuffed, join the blog! Enjoy!


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Rex Blue and Rusty G

Hey there new guys! How about a new and hot hairyandraw scene? It seems like today we are gonna have the chance to see two bears enjoying themselves! And who better knows how to please each other then Rex and Rusty? In the following update we will have the chance of watching them in action! It seems like they can’t get enough of each other so they will bang each other on and on up until they will cum on each other! It sounds pretty interesting right? Let’s see what are they going to do in this wonderful day!

These two fellas know each other since they were in high school, as Rex was out of town for a while, he has just came back and he thought he might invite Rusty over to his place for dinner! After dining, they visited the bedroom and they got pretty heated up so he took his fat cock out and the other guy came to suck his large tool over and over again! After fingering their asses they kept changing positions up until they both came while they were jerking each other! If you liked this scene, you can visit the EastBoys site and watch some hot twinks sucking and fucking!


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Old hairy man getting serviced

Hey guys! How about a new point of view? We know that you enjoy a little bit of diversity around here so we thought we would bring to you some hairy and raw videos! And this is not all! In the following update you will have the chance to watch a polar bear that is going to be serviced by a cub! Doesn’t it sound nice, huh? This cub has just fulfilled all this other guy’s fantasies! Well, he did say it was a pleasure for him to do so! Well, how about you guys? Are you eager to see what happened in this hot session with this experimented dude? Have a seat and stay close cause we will let you enjoy this entire session!

It was a cold day of Autumn when this cub picked up this hairy polar bear in the supermarket! He couldn’t help it cause he really wanted to try something new! So he started to talk to him and after a coffee they were at his place and he already had his cock into his mouth! It was only the beginning cause he started to touch his hairy chest and squeeze his nipples while he was also fingering that tight ass! He was gonna stretch it pretty good cause it had been a while since this guy had a dick into his anus! Do you wanna see the whole scene? Join us and you will have access to much more! Enjoy also Rex and Rusty’s oral sex session! See more impressive videos at their Twitter account! Also you can join the website and see some horny British twinks getting ass fucked!


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Maximus O’Connel and Supercub

Hi there! Did you have some spare time to enjoy our latest updates? It seems like you have missed a while, but don’t worry you will have enough time to catch up! In this new and refreshing session we will have the chance to watch Maximus with a Supercub in a very erotic fucking session! It seems like from the first time they have seen each other they couldn’t be apart so they are inseparable! Love must have been the issue cause they look pretty in love! Let’s see how these two guys met!

It was a new day in the local park and Maximus took a walk when he saw this Supercub standing alone on a bench! He approached and he started to talk to him and after 2 hours they were in his bedroom kissing and touching each other! After licking and fingering their asses it was time for the penetration of that tiny and tight asshole! In the end he did cum in this guy’s ass and he gave him a blowjob and he swallowed his cum! Enjoy these two lovers in action! Also you can join the Czech Hunter porn site and see some horny twinks fucking each other’s asses!


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Raw and hairy couch fuck

Hi guys! What’s going on? You look pretty bored! How about some new and fresh hairyandraw updates! We have seen that you have been around lately and we are pretty glad that you enjoy our fresh and funky stuff! Today we will have the chance of watching these two hairy bears in action! All that heat that was outside must have gotten them pretty fired up cause the got from the pool into the living room in no time and this guy was already with that fat dick into his mouth! Do you wanna see more? Stay close and you will have the chance to watch every single dirty detail!

It was Sunday morning, a day like the others and these two guys decided to chill out in their private pool in the back yard! After a nice session of swimming this guy came out from the pool naked and his buddy followed him into the living room, where he took his fat tool into his hands and began to rub it and suck it like it was a candy! It was only the prelude of a very rough fucking session cause soon after that they began to finger and lick their asses and after lubing those holes they began to stuff each other’s anus! If you wanna see this entire scene, just join out community and you will have access to much more! Also you can enter the boy spy cam website and watch some gorgeous men revealing their perfectly shaped bodies, or visit the site and see gorgeous stud Cody Cummings getting his large tool sucked!


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Hairy men in bedroom fun

Hi there fellas! Are you eager to have a look at some more bears in action? Today we have these two fluffy bears eager to get some action cause it has been a while since the last time they had any! These two bearded guys met a few hours ago in a bar and after some drinks and a little bit of talking they decided to head in the same place: in a hotel room where they were about to fuck like crazy! Let’s see a slight part of this crazy update!

It was a boring day of Friday and these guys thought they would go out after work and search for some hot studs eager to fill their asses! As soon as they found the right guy they were on that large bed fingering their asses and filling those tight holes! In the end they couldn’t stop sucking their large dicks over and over again until they both came and filled their filthy mouths! Did you enjoy this update? Have a look around and you might find some more amazing stuff! Also you can join the blog and see some cock hungry college dudes sucking an riding cocks, or you can enter the site and see some sexy college dudes getting their big cocks milked by their doctors!


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Hairy and Raw fuck in the park

Welcome guys! How have you been? In this beautiful day we will have the chance to watch these two handsome man in some outdoor action! Are you ready? It seems like they are eager to have some action in public and no one can stop them today! They have previously discussed about this and they decided that in this day of they should do something about it ! So they packed their things and headed in the woods cause it was time for a picnic! Everything was prepared , they had lunch and soon after that things got pretty heated up! Let’s have a look at what happened soon after eating!

These two fellas were eager to get some time for themselves and as it was their day off they thought that they would spend some nice and quality time together! As soon as the food was ready and they ate, soon after that one of the two bears took his clothes off and his dick was hard and waiting for some oral action! As soon as he saw this guy lying over there he came in no time to suck and taste this dick! It was pretty delicious as he couldn’t stop slurping it and in the end he did swallow all the cum he could get! If you are eager to see some more man on man action, check out the website and have fun!


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Hardcore outdoor blowjob

Hi there fellas! How have you been? We have something special for you today, it’ a surprise! We know that you enjoy a little bit of diversity around here that is why we have prepared this update for you! In this new and refreshing hairy and raw videos you will have the chance to enjoy one blowjob in public with muscle bear! Yep, this guy full of muscles with not be able to stand and watch this other guy jerking off so he thought he might give him a hand! Let’s see what happens!

In a sunny day of summer these two guys had a walk trough the park and as soon as they found the right spot for some relaxing time they took their clothes off and they started a sucking session! This guy was pretty fired up and he started to jerk off just to tease this other dude! As soon as he saw his large cock he started to lick and tease it and in the end he sucked and slurped it pretty good! All that was left in the end was his face and mouth full of this guy’s warm jizz! If you liked this scene and you wanna watch some horny gay daddies fucking, enter the website and have a great time inside it! See you soon, friends! Stay tuned!


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